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Monday, December 28, 2009

Iran: One time radical students become establishment

The Guardian published this excellent commentary on how the students who brought about great political change are now resisting it in order to maintain power.
"The remarkable refusal of Iran's Reformist opposition to give in, and the regime's increasing air of desperation as it attempts, with diminishing legitimacy, to force it to do so, has left many observers, foreign and domestic, wondering whether the second Iranian revolution is finally underway....
The fanatical students who drove an American president to ruin, the faithful warriors who faced down Saddam Hussein and his western backers during eight years of war, the ideologues who uniquely placed their supreme leader, the Vali al-Faqih, on the right hand of God, have now themselves become the establishment they so abhorred – incompetent, corrupt, and reviled."
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