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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jasmine Kosovic. American Filmmaker Interview

Place of Birth: NEW YORK CITY


Which Family Member Gave You the Most Inspiration: My cousin Daghi, who introduced me to avant garde theatre, and my cousin Velimir, who introduced me to the Beatles!

As a Student, What’s the Most Helpful Class You've Taken?

This may not seem to be connected to filmmaking but for me it is. The class was some sort of survey of modern American politics, but it was the teacher, not the class that made it so important to me. I took the class in college (I went to Barnard College, Columbia University) and in that class I learned how to write properly, even strongly. How to argue my case, be consistent in theme, thesis, etc. This way of thinking came up all the time when I was directing my short; I was always asking myself, “is this way I’m going to place the camera, this way I’m directing the actors/lighting the scene, adding music/etc. “– are these serving my theme?

If I Could Cast One Professional Actor it Would it Be?
Juliette Binoche. I’m writing a script now with her in mind for one of the parts. So she is lodged in my brain at the moment!

My Three Favorite Films: Oh! This is almost impossible! OK, OK… Well, Jim Jarmusch’s STANGER THAN PARADISE made me want to become a director. It was the first time that I saw and understood that film is more than the sum of its parts, that it is a language all its own. Believe it or not, I love Steven Spielberg’s E.T. Federico Fellini’s 8/12 affected me profoundly.

My Three Most Prized Possessions are:
The people in my life are what I prize the most. They’re not possessions, I know, but they are what make my heart whole.


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