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Friday, October 17, 2008

Philipp Yuryev. Russian Filmmaker Interview

Name: Philipp Yuryev
Place of Birth: Russia, Moscow
I Currently Live In: Moscow
Last (or Current) School Attended: I graduated from The Moscow Gymnasium and now I am studing in The State Institute of cinematography (VGIK)

My Film: “ The Morning in Other eyes”

As a Student, What's the Most Helpful Class You've Taken? The classes of masterpieces of filming by our professor, the famous russian director Aleksey Ychitel. He is the director of many brilliant fiction and documentaries films.
Which Family Member Gave You the Most Inspiration? My uncle Michael Yuryev, the businessman. Now he is going to produce a very interesting film project, it is his first experience. And one more member is my mother, a great fan of cinema. She works on Russian TV as an editor.

If I Could Cast One Professional Actor It Would be? It is very difficult question. I like Jenifer Lopes in films of Almodovar, I should like to try Scarlet Johanson (I like her play very much in Woody Allen's films). And?... of course, Nicole Kidman

My Three Favorite Films: "The Mystery Train” and “ Broken Flowers” by Jim Jarmusch “Everything About My Mother” by Almodovar “The Sky Above Berlin” by Vim Venders.

My 3 Most Prized Possessions Are: 1. I think that my most valuable prize was the prize of audience’s sympathies in the festival of my institute, VGIK. 2. The diploma for the most unexpectable decision of the plot in my second film “ The changed landscape”. 3. The invitation to present my film in child oncological hospital.


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