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Friday, May 02, 2008

VIDEO: "Sex" Tutor Gets Her Job Back

Following the previous post (below) about an art teacher in the United Arab Emirates who was afraid she'd lose her job if she displayed classical art featuring nudity in class comes this: A teacher in the U.K. was suspended from a private school after pupils spotted her in a raunchy video. There is no doubt that if this happened in the UAE the teacher would be fired. A teacher I know was fired for merely blogging, somewhat anonymously, about her frustrating experiences in the U.A.E.
But in the U.K. this teacher was merely suspended and got her job back.
The video was made while the 25-year-old was a student, before she started work as an English teacher at Stockport Grammar School in Manchester in 2006.
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Anonymous nikikittenbutton said...

Hi! I'm a student from Singapore, which is in South-east Asia. I was so shocked to read about the ex-pat teacher in your post... that seems really unfair. were her frustations merely about everyday life in Dubai?
Is it probably just female teachers who are targeted for this kind of treatment? i mean.. if it were a male teacher doing the equivalent, say, appearing in a raunchy (but NOT pornographic) video or complaining about life in Dubai,would he have received the same treatment?

10:12 PM  

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