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Friday, November 23, 2007

Iraqi Student in Canada

Alice Wu, a Journalism student at the University of Western Ontario, did a radio report about an Iraqi Student studying at U.W.O. The student, Shamis, left family back in Iraq. She talks to them on the phone whenever she can. Alice says " what got to me, was that every time she called Iraq, her family there always had stories about trying to survive another gunfire, or another bombing. They were actually there--in the midst of it all. Just regular citizens trying to live. I wanted to feature an Iraqi in Canada because I felt that we never hear these kinds of stories, something that hits much closer to home than just 'more Iraqis were killed in Iraq.' That Iraqis here suffer too, not necessarily from the war, but losing family members to the war."
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Blogger Moody Crab said...

I've just listened to the radio clip and all I can say is WOW!

Seeing it on telly you don't actually feel the pain of the people but listening to it? Gosh...the pain, sorrow, fear, hope and all other emotions just hits home. I really hope she suceeds.

You guys are doing an AWESOME job! Kudos and keep it up.

Your no1 fan,
Moody Crab

4:29 PM  

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