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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

VIDEO: Faisal Al Kasim, from Al Jazeera, speaks to UAE Students

Dr. Faisal Al Kasim is one of the most popular, and controversial, television personalities in the world. UAE Students who work on this blog, Broadcasters of Tomorrow, did an exclusive interview, at Al Jazeera's Qatar studios, with Dr. Al Kasim. This first excerpt of the interview deals with critical reaction to his popular Al Jazeera program The Opposite Direction. Critics believe that despite the show’s efforts to provide a forum for open debate the show is, at times, little more than a “shouting match”

Dr. Faisal Al Kasim’s program The Opposite Direction, has been broadcast on Al Jazeera for over 12 years. On the show, guests debate hot-button political and social issues with candour and passion rarely seen on television. The debates occasionally get confrontational; guests have walked off the set mid-debate.

Critics, including Dr. Muhammed Ayish, from University of Sharjah, suggest that the program’s confrontation style is counterproductive. Many critics suggest that these kinds of programs actually limit the space for meaningful dialogue in the public sphere. We read some of Dr. Ayish’s writings to Dr. Al Kasim, and asked for his comments.

More interview clips will be released in the coming weeks.


Blogger Mohammed ibahrine said...

The Title of the Blog is very suggestive. Thank you very much for this.

"Today conversation is more important than information"

9:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ya 3en!

So if it's OK in the "West", then it's the correct thing to do!!

This is such a disappointing defense from Faisal al-Kasim.

When will Arabs stop bowing blindly to all things coming from the "West"? And when will Arabs stop measuring their own failures against those of the "West" in order to justify the Arabs' despicable actions, as al-Kasim has just done in this clip?

12:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Arab's history is full of bloodshed.."
lies lies lies. I don;t what would you call the mass killing happenning right nw..

5:16 AM  
Anonymous Atem Chayot said...

While I am always superimpressed with any Arab person I personally come in contact with and terribly frightened by the Arab lunatics I see on TV, it is refreshing to see that this show presents a large amount of Arabs that want to live together with the rest of the world and do not see themselves as part of the 1400 year persistant struggle to have Islam reign over the rest of the world.By the way, what "Anonymous" condemns as "Western" values are much cherished in countries such as India, Japan, South Korea

10:20 AM  
Anonymous Is it time to change? said...

Anonymous2 scoffs at the suggestion that the "Arab's history is full of bloodshed". What about recent bloodshed in which Arabs kills Arabs or Muslims in Algeria, Lebanon, Iraq/Iran war and Sadam Husseins killing of Iraqi citizens , Darfur, El-Hama in Syria by Hafez Assad, etc. etc. And I have not mentioned all the Muslims killing other Muslims.What about in the 17oo's when the dey of Tunisia explained to Thomas Jefferson of the nascent USA that it was the Arabs duty to make war and enslave American sailors as he was obliged by his religion to "subjugate the infidel"

but you can always blame the Jews I guess..

10:07 AM  

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